Airport advertising consultants


Airport advertising consultants

As the leading airport advertising consultants, we are confident that our airport advertising experience is the most current and relevant in the market today.

We have managed airport advertising tenders in many markets over many years. We also have direct experience of responding to, and winning, tenders in major airports the world over through our experience in leading one of the world’s major airport advertising companies.

As airport advertising consultants, we also work with airports to review their airport advertising plans, and conduct mid-term reviews. We analyse the performance of their advertising business, and develop a strategy to optimise future performance. This strategy incorporates understanding the airport audience, considering the built environment and the airport’s customer experience objectives, and then scoping and identifying the most appropriate assets and their optimal locations within the airport (internal and external). With this basis in place, we work to value the opportunity in the market, be it local, national, regional or global. We match formats to locations, and ensure diversity of advertising clientele by providing a broad range of opportunities and price points.

Case study: Adelaide Airport advertising concession (2013)

CPI assisted Adelaide Airport with the planning, management, negotiation, selection and award of the airport’s advertising concession for both internal and external advertising at Adelaide and Parafield airports.