Airport commercial strategy and planning

Airport commercial strategy and planning

We are the world’s leading specialist airport commercial planning consultancy.

As the world’s most respected and experienced airport commercial planning consultants, we help our customers optimise the value of their commercial space. We are not architects or retail designers – we are specialist airport commercial consultants. We respect the ambition and vision of architecture and design, and we overlay our expertise to maximise commercial returns.

Much of our work involves developing and sizing commercial plans for terminal redevelopments, or for new terminal builds. Sometimes, we are engaged to review existing commercial plans. Sometimes, investors ask us to scope the commercial value of a potential airport investment during due diligence.

We work to understand each airport’s customers, their partners, the local market and the competitive landscape. We then analyse past and current performance and demand to calculate the scale of the future commercial opportunity. We consider the airport’s design ambition, and their targeted customer experience. From this, we build realistic recommendations on the layout, retail mix, size and adjacencies, and the commercial terms for retail tenancies that will provide the optimal return to our airport customers. We also assist with commercial and contractual negotiations when required.

“We are expert resources to complement your existing team.”

Case study: Adelaide Airport, Australia – terminal commercial review and plaza development (2010-2011)

CPI was hired by Adelaide Airport Limited to review the performance and layout of the commercial space in this single-terminal airport. Although dominated by domestic traffic, ADL has a small but fast-growing international passenger business; far more than anticipated in the initial design of this light and spacious terminal. AAL’s challenge was to ensure that they were generating optimal revenues from the current commercial offer in the terminal, as well as identify areas for future expansion of commercial space that take into account the amount and type of passenger growth.

In a second project, AAL were constructing a large, open plaza directly in front of their terminal building, connecting their new multi-deck car park with the terminal. CPI was asked to assess the potential for commercial space within this beautiful expanse of public space.